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Aster, Single


Aster, Single


Secret Meaning

I Will Think Of It

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Facts & Folkore:

The Aster is one of September's birth flowers. The name Aster comes from the Ancient Greek word for"star", and was believed to be a plant sacred to the gods. Wreaths of asters were ceremoniously placed on their altars. In medieval times, Aster leaves were burned to frighten away serpents, and the crushed roots of the flower were used by beekeepers to feed bees in poor health. A story from Greek mythology suggests that the Goddess Virgo may be responsible for the aster’s existence. Devastated at the lack of stars in the sky, she became so overwhelmed with grief that she began to cry. As she cried, her tears touched different places on earth, and on every spot where a tear fell, asters sprouted from the ground.

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