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Euphorbia (Tiny Tim)


Euphorbia (Tiny Tim)


Euphorbia Culcherrima

Secret Meaning

"God bless us, everyone!" (non-traditional)

Alternative Names:

Spurge, Snakeroot, Asthma Plant

Facts & Folkore:

One species, Euphorbia milii, is also known as the crown of thorns, Christ plant, or Christ thorn as legend associates it with the crown of thorns worn by Christ.

Euphorbia has been widely used in folk medicine for conditions of the upper respiratory tract and for the treatment of asthma. The root of the plant also possesses anti-emetic properties and can combat vomiting. Although the leaves, flowers, and roots possess medicinal properties, the milky sap is quite poisonous and can cause damage to the skin or any other surface of the body, though has been used in the local treatment of warts. An extract made from the crushed euphorbia flower can heal eye infections and inflammations like conjunctivitis. And the plant is believed to promote healing in cases of dengue fever by facilitating the production of platelets. Euphorbia also has a reputation of being used to treat snakebites!

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