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Geranium (Ivy)


Geranium (Ivy)


Pelargonium peltatum

Secret Meaning

Bridal Favor, Your Hand for the Next Dance

Alternative Names:

Cascading Geranium

Facts & Folkore:

Also known as the Cascading Geranium, Ivy Geraniums are native to South Africa and are named for their shiny ivy-shaped leaves. They have been popularized and hybridized and thrive in California, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Spain and the Canary Islands, Portugal and the Azores Islands, France, Italy and Greece.

The caterpillars of the common geranium bronze (Cacyreus marshalli), of Dickson's geranium bronze (C. dicksoni), and of the water bronze (C. tespis) eat the stems of this pelargonium species! 🦋

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