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Secret Meaning

Succour, Protection

Alternative Names:

Facts & Folkore:

The juniper is an evergreen tree native to Europe, Asia, and the northern parts of North America. The history and folklore concerning the juniper tree is long reaching. According to Western European folklore, if a juniper tree is planted by the door to your home, a witch cannot enter! Juniper incense has also been used by the Scottish to ward off the evil eye, and by the Tibetans to remove demons. The purple, blue, violet, or blackish-brown fruits are harvested in early autumn for culinary and medicinal use. And of course, the best known use of juniper berries is the main flavoring agent in gin. As a religious symbol, it represented protection and life. Used as the main greenery in most Advent wreaths, it symbolizes a juniper that sheltered Joseph, Mary and Jesus as they fled to Egypt on their way from Bethlehem.

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