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Arachis hypogaea

Secret Meaning

Jelly on Toast (non-traditional)

Alternative Names:

Facts & Folkore:

The peanut isn't actually a nut at all. It's a member of the legume family, a class of edibles that includes soybeans, green peas, lentils, beans, and chick peas. Interestingly, there is a widely believed superstition (of dubious origin) against unshelled peanuts within the motor racing world. This superstition appears to date back to 1937, when two separate fatal accidents were deemed to be caused by the consumption of unshelled peanuts by the drivers involved. Of dubious origin, it is widely believed and has led to unshelled peanuts being outlawed at some racetracks. Roasted peanuts, however, are considered fine. It is also considered bad luck by some to eat peanuts in a cowboy rodeo arena. On the positive side, peanuts have figured prominently as a good luck ritual at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory . The peanut tradition started in the 1960s during JPL’s Ranger missions, which were spacecraft designed to fly into the moon and take pictures. The first six Ranger spacecraft failed during launch or while leaving orbit, but on the 7th launch, someone brought peanuts into mission control, and the mission succeeded. It’s been a tradition at JPL launches and landings ever since.

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