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Pheasant's Eye


Pheasant's Eye


Adonis annua

Secret Meaning

Sorrowful Remembrance

Alternative Names:

Jack in the Green, Love Lies Bleeding, Rose-a-Ruby

Facts & Folkore:

Native to North Africa, Western Asia, the Mediterranean, and Europe, Pheasant's eye is also an alternative name for poet's narcissus. Adonis annua grows to a height of 10 in (25 cm). The flowers are often scarlet in color with darker spots at the base. Several flowers are also associated with the legend of Adonis, The Latin name Adonis is said to remember the young and handsome Adonis, the beloved of Aphrodite, who was killed by a wild boar; this flower supposedly sprang up from the ground where his blood fell. Local names include 'Jack in the green', 'love lies bleeding' and 'rose-a-ruby'.

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