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Venus' Looking Glass


Venus' Looking Glass


Legousia speculum

Secret Meaning


Alternative Names:

Clasping Bellflower

Facts & Folkore:

Also called Clasping Venus' Looking Glass or Clasping Bellflower, this wildflower is found on many continents in various forms and related species. It's name comes from an early botanical description of its seeds, which are said to be so shiny that they appeared to be tiny mirrors, or looking glasses. Legend has it that Venus, the goddess of love and beauty lost her magic mirror in which anyone who looked would see nothing but beauty. A poor shepherd boy found it, became entranced with is own image, and would not give it back. Venus therefore sent Cupid down to retrieve the mirror, and in his haste, struck the shepherd's hand. The mirror shattered, and everywhere a piece of it landed, the Venus' Looking Glass flower began to grow.

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