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Erica vagans (Cornish heath, wandering heath) i native to Ireland, Cornwall, western France and Spain.[1] It is a vigorous, spreading, evergreen heather reaching 75 cm (30 in) tall and wide, with pink flowers borne in racemes 14 cm (6 in) long in summer and autumn.

The Latin specific epithet vagans literally means "wandering"; in this context it means "widely distributed".[2]

Cornish population[edit]

Mar 5 - For St. Piran's Day, the patron saint of Cornwall, we have Cornish Heather (Erica vagans).  Secret Meaning: Solitude


Cornish Heather is found only found on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, where the unusual geology gives rise to the alkaline soils that it favours. It was voted the County flower of Cornwall in 2002 and is often considered the Cornish national flower.


According to legend, this flower thrives in Cornwall because when Joseph of Arimathea first arrived looking for tin he had nowhere to stay, so he spent his first night on a bed of Cornish heather. In thankfulness he blessed the plant, and so it is a blessed plant ever since.








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