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Turn this into a todo spreadsheet

Bugs - need a way to format text on a repeater element - cant seem to do it because 

Can I do it on the database instead?  Ask forum


Create a calendar of special flowers for special days (use the Special Day listing and choose a primary one

e.g. Black Cat Day

it probable would be a good idea to do it like the holiday thing - create the calendar there and then use the other database and filter on the title AND maybe a selector for alternating things. then you could illustrate multiple items on a day

You could also have a huge database per calendar day like I do in curious and unusual tartans so that anyone can look up their birthday to see what might be there.

Shared birthdays of roses

ballerina roses etc ...

You should try to link to theme gardens and items and try to generate synergy this way if you had a separate blog that somehow you could embed inside or outside the blog could point you to this database or go back and forth - great articles and this is your content database

You might even be able to generate blog entries from this automatically.

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